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Rather than pay for a MacBook upfront, get one with a monthly subscription from Upgraded.

Cult of Mac – Get a new MacBook every 2 years

Buy a MacBook as a subscription with bi-annual upgrades Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program lets customers pay a monthly fee instead of buying the handset outright. It includes a new iPhone every year. But Apple has no equivalent for MacBooks. But now there’s Upgraded. The San Francisco-based company launched first in Scandinavia, but is now bringing its service to the U.S. It allows

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Daytime (WFLA) – Tips for Updating your Tech

If your laptop isn’t running as well as it used to, consider upgrading to the next best thing – without hurting your wallet. Lifestyle Expert Jennifer Bonner joins us this morning with Upgraded, an affordable solution to snag the latest devices on the market! Get started and learn more today at

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San Francisco Examiner – Shaping the Future of Tech

Technology is an ever-present and essential player in our everyday lives. At the rate tech changes, it can be hard to constantly upgrade your personal devices. Transferring all of your work to a new laptop is costly and difficult. Upgraded is here to help you stay at the top of your game, making it easy always to have the latest

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Listening with Leaders Podcast – Driving Exceptional Team Performance & Employee Retention with Upgraded’s John Metcalf

Your host, Doug Noll, talks with the Co-Founder and CEO of Upgraded Technologies, John Metcalf. John’s parents ran an automotive shop, and he was homeschooled until high school. This unique upbringing, John believes, instilled in him positive self-talk, a trait he attributes to his parents’ decision to homeschool him. They wanted him to have a different educational experience than they

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Digital Journal – Upgraded: the evolution of MacBook ownership

If you’re sick of buying a new MacBook every time it starts to slow down, there’s a solution that’s just hit the United States. Upgraded is launching here after having found significant success in Scandinavia and beyond. Now, instead of buying another extremely expensive Mac, you can do your best work on an affordable and outstanding device—all you need to do is

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