MacBook Upgrade Program

The goal of the MacBook Upgrade program

To allow customers to purchase a brand new Macbook Pro or Air by applying to a citizens pay line of credit allowing them to make low monthly payments on their computers.

To be approved for a Citizens Pay line of credit, there will be an eligibility check.

This check includes:

  • Checking SSN
  • DOB – Income
  • Personal Info (name, address, phone number)

We will first run a soft credit check that will not impact your credit score. If approved for the soft credit check, a hard credit check will be run. You’ll also need a valid checking or savings account to make payments – CC payments are not accepted.

Once approved

Customers will be able to select the device of their choice (as long as it’s within their credit limit). Customers will then be able to either:

Keep the device for 24 months, and at the 24 month mark upgrade to the newest MacBook Pro/ Air

We will send customers their new MacBook and a box for their old MacBook

We’ll then do a military grade wipe on the old device

**Monthly payment will be set based upon the cost of the purchase and the repayment term. If they get a more expensive device than before, then they may expect a higher monthly payment than they had previously paid.

If customers do not want to upgrade

They may choose to pay all of the monthly payments required by the terms of your financing purchase.

Once you have made all of the required payments the device is yours to keep.

There is no need to return it to Upgraded.

Customers can also choose to

1. Upgrade early by making the equivalent number of payments specified in your contract. There is no fee to upgrade early. 

2. Upgrade any time after making the equivalent number of required payments

Other great things about the program

AppleCare+ is included in all plans

So if you damage your device, all you need to do is visit an Apple Store to explore your repair options. Customers can also reach out to us if they have any questions/ need support

If you forget/ don’t want to wipe your computer before you send it back, no worries!

We’ll always do an FBI-grade wipe with all devices we get back from customers. No one will see your data.

It’s super easy to transfer data and apps to your new device.

The box you get to ship your computer back will have easy step-by-step instructions for how to transfer your data and apps.

Just note - this is NOT a lease.

The integrated financing for your purchase is a line of credit offered by Citizens Pay. It allows you to make equal monthly payments over time. You may choose to upgrade your device once eligible or you may continue to make payments until your device is fully paid off. Once paid for the device is yours to keep. It does not need to be turned back in.